Santiago Moderna

Series of 30 drawings and video memoir

Acrylic and marker on cardboard

30 cm x 20 cm (each)


By means of a series of drawings, this project deals with the action of walking as a form of political and plastic research of the urban landscape. During its production, Santiago served as a grid for the rupture of personal limits through daily wanderings.


This action also laid out a dialogue between territory and observation. The gathering of photographies was used as a roadmap previous to drawing. This work seeks to mine the expectation of a foreigner in the city, to accentuate a critical response and to dissolve the clichés of the tourist. Every detail was examined, from the architectonic form to its diverse forms of appropriation, going through the experience of the unknown.


Produced during the Molten Capital Artist Residency in Santiago de Chile, in collaboration with the School of Art of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and exhibited in July of 2018.