Observando: el tiempo (Observing: time)

Solo exhibition

Installation of drawings, paintings and object


Observing: Time is a work that develops from three research lines: drawing and visual notes in sketchbooks, which were later translated to paint and a video installation. This opens a line of production in which the process becomes a patent part of the final work.


During the process, a reflection was opened around time perception in our daily lives. When observed, time materializes, it becomes a visible imprint in the pieces. As part of the research, a representation of this time-perception was explored: how the notion of the flow of time imposes plastic forms and their own distortions. The object of this exhibition was to visibilize time as inexhaustible, and to represent its manifold perceptions through daily experience.


It was presented as final work for obtaining a degree in the Visual Arts Program of FADA, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. Exhibited in Fondo de Cultura Económica. Quito, March of 2017.